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Fabergé of my Favorites

Inspired after a visit to the “Fabergé Revealed” exhibit at the VMFA, I decided to pay homage to some of my favorite people (and animals).

Chris the merino sheep escaped from the flock as a lamb. He was found five years later in a cave looking like this. I think he just wanted to be left alone.


I sobbed through “Won’t you be my neighbor” twice in theaters and have told everyone I know about his miraculous “143” story.


Anne Lamott puts words to feelings I didn’t know could be expressed.

oliver jeffers faberge.png

I was the only adult without a child at Oliver Jeffers’ story time and book signing last year in Brooklyn. When I went up to get my book signed, I gushed about how I wrote my college application essay on his book “The Heart and the Bottle” and how much it meant to me. He said, “that’s nice.”


Linda & Winks are who I strive to be one day. One scroll through her Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.


She’s the perfect mix of whimsy and punctuality. Two things I hope to always have.